Ever since 2006 Livesoft has been delivering individually-tailored, customer-specific IT solutions, based on the technologies and products of the world’s leading software and hardware manufacturers.
We focus on delivering live software solutions, on-demand web-based services and SaaS platforms. We strive to serve state-of-the-art IT services to our customers and to empower every business to experience the benefits of the on-demand solutions.
Our team of enthusiastic young professionals, experienced managers and project leaders is constantly expanding.
We are dedicated to provide innovative Software Solutions that meet a wide range of specific customer business needs.



We love design patterns. We do acknowledge inside-the-box thinking — after all this is how best practices are packaged. Thinking outside of the box, however, is the road to discover best practices. This is why we seek, motivate and develop. No question is stupid, no idea is outrageous — in or out of the box, it’s all about being creative.


We are passionate. We are passionate about simplicity, technology and innovation. We are fervent about beautiful and usable software. We are geeks.


We are agile. We believe in the early delivery of working software and we highly value personal interaction and face-to-face collaboration between team members, customers and end-users alike, in achieving agility. We appreciate motivation and welcome change, without sacrificing technical excellence and good design.