LiveSoft offers a complete Software Services catalogue which empowers every business to experience the benefits of web-based services.

Our services range includes software development, application engineering, business analysis and requirements development, IT consulting and training, project management, quality assurance engineering and testing, graphic design, support and maintenance.

Software Development

Livesoft provides custom software solutions to empower our clients to keep ahead of their competitors by continuously improving IT-based business solutions.

We use the latest software development platforms and tools.

We implement the latest project management techniques and software engineering practices.

Maintenance and technical support

Livesoft is dedicated to provide to our clients highly qualified and consistent maintenance services plus always-on-time efficiency.

We offer a wide variety of technical support options – from detailed self-help materials to hot-line customer support.

We are available 24/7 to help our clients maintain their company websites and applications


We understand every organization has limitations of the availability of resources. What is more, we know that skilled resources need to be assigned to tasks which generate highest revenue.

Live Soft provides outsourcing and reliable partnerships with excellent quality, optimized cost structure and considerable efficiency.

We help our customer to focus on what they do best. For the rest — we take care on their behalf.


We offer business and software design services which range from web-design, through business application and solution design, to business-process design.

While designing, we strive to focus on both business objectives and user experience.


Livesoft offers the full range of consulting services, directed at business process optimization and management, implementation of standard and custom software solutions. We specialize in:

Business consultations — analysis and re-engineering of business processes

Evaluation and risk management of IT projects

Security and information management, especially when working in the Cloud

Project Management

Our expertise covers both large-scale and complex projects that require application of methodologies, such as RUP and PMI’s PMBoK, as well as projects that benefit from more flexible techniques, such as the modern Agile methodologies SCRUM and eXtreme Programming.

We provide our clients with transparency, interactivity and traceability of the time and price assessment, software development and project management processes.


  • Manuel Hedegger photo “We value Live Soft as trusted partners who understand our business needs. Partnering with them has enabled our team to focus on core business, leaving certain agreed outsourced processes to be managed by the Live Soft team.” Manuel Heidegger · Director of Business Development, Argonaut Training Facilities Ltd.
  • Richard Farkas photo “They are competent, quality-minded, fast-reacting and supportive partners. Their approach is driven by faithful attention to processes, with just the right amount of flexibility to get things done.” Richard Farkas · Board Member, Argonaut Training Facilities Ltd.
  • Rumen Vatev photo “I would like to express my satisfaction with the services delivered by Live Soft. Their assignments were executed with great devotion and within tight time and budget frame.” Rumen Vatev · M.Sc., IPMA, Project Manager at Siemens IT Solutions and Services
  • Borislav  Shumkov photo “I was impressed by the professionalism of the team, their competences and qualification, their precision and dedication. Moreover, I was greatly satisfied with their visionary Customer-focused governance consistently reaching beyond the scope of their day-to-day assignments. This is way I would gladly recommend Live Soft as a reliable and trustworthy partner.” Borislav Shumkov · Senior Project Manager at Atos International